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      1. Canadian Freelance Writing Jobs

        Seeking Freelance Article Writers for Tech, Engineering and Manufacturing News

        Engineering.com is recruiting freelance writers.

        We cover what’s new and exciting in the world of engineering, from cutting-edge technologies to the latest industry developments.

        Having an engineering background is an asset, but it’s not required: that’s why we have tech editors.

        The majority of our articles are between 400 and 750 words and take less than an hour to write.

        Payment starts at $35 per article, to be paid through PayPal.

        If you’re interested, send an email to contributors@engineering.com and we’ll send you a writing test.

        Part-Time Content Creator

        Bear Ogilvy is looking for a part-time content creator on an hourly/contract basis to do the following:
        – Create product titles, bullets, and romance copy
        – Assign attributes and product categories
        – Apply keywords
        – Order images (hero, secondary, detail shot, etc.)
        Our HQ is in Yorkville. Flexible hours. Lots of snacks. Cool team. More details:

        Freelance Writer Familiar With Wine/Vineyards Wanted

        We are Publishers of two National and International publications. We are seeking a freelance writer, preferably who lives in Canada and is familiar with or is interested in the wine/vineyard and/or craft beverage producers in that country. Please contact Cyndi Bowlby, VP/Editor, cb@brickerpublishing.com. Thank you!

        Freelance Web Content Writers Needed

        Looking to join a growing remote team this year? We’re hiring some brand new entry-level writers to join our team. You’ll be working on the largest HVAC info site in Canada and working on everything from articles, website content and blogs to social media and marketing copy.

        We need native English speakers who reside in Canada, can effectively work remotely, are self-starters and can produce quality while embodying the Furnace Prices voice.

        Ongoing work for qualified and hard-working people.

        Looking forward to hearing your entries.


        About your cover letters:

        – no cover letter: minus

        – Cover letter: plus

        – Cover letter that can convince me in a short but sweet paragraph: plus plus plus

        Send to?Julien@furnaceprices.ca

        Vancouver Food Blogger Needed

        Know an awesome restaurant or dish that everyone should know about? Want to earn some extra income while satisfying your favourite craving? Come join our team!

        Hidden Gems Vancouver is focused on one single purpose – bringing attention to high quality small restaurants in Vancouver that deserve more recognition.

        We are looking for enthusiastic bloggers who have a strong passion for great food. We offer a flexible working system that is based on your own availability and interests. If you are looking to start your own blog of a similar nature but lack experience or leverage, we also provide great resources and opportunities to work with other bloggers!

        We are looking for someone who has the following:


        • Loves to write
        • Tries new food all the time
        • Enthusiastic and energetic
        • Deadline and results oriented
        • Willingness to engage with blog post readers


        • Good English writing skills (spelling, grammar, sentence structure, etc.)
        • Strong photography skills

        Bonus Skills

        • Unique writing tone and style
        • Good handle with Google Calendar and cloud storage software (i.e. Dropbox)


        • Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada

        No previous blogging experience is required (Your attitude is more important)

        We will compensate for your food and writing, along with bonuses and perks.

        Please contact us for more details. We’re looking forward to building a long-term relationship with you!

        Contact Information

        Cecilia Wong

        Email: cecilia@tryhiddengems.com

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